Case study 1

Finbar 房产开发集团

Campaign execution

  • Awareness of local Asian audience
  • Engagement with potential buyers

How we worked

To raise awareness of potential buyers. We promote Finbar’s projects and images of Chinese sales representatives through all the platforms, including magazines, WeChat, digital billboards, etc. All the advertisements get long-term exposure, which helps with building trust images.

Cover Page ads

Magazine ads

Wechat banners

The results

Finbar has been working with us for the past few years and the collaborations will continue.

Case study 2

Mercedes Benz

Campaign execution

  • Brand association
  • Brand awareness and events

How we worked

Mercedes Benz had their marketing strategy, and they understand what kinds of products and events they would like to face in Asian markets. They choose to work with MostWA magazine as they think the venue can match their brand.